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Saturday, December 2, 2017

The truth about how the tax bill passed U.S. SENATOR CHRIS MURPHY.

In the middle of the night, Republicans in the Senate passed a massive tax cut for some of the richest people and most powerful corporations in the country.
But this bill was more than a tax cut for the rich. This legislation contains provisions that will result in 13 million people losing coverage through the Affordable Care Act while raising premiums for everyone else. It contains massive cuts to education, affordable housing programs, and more.

I am going to tell you the truth about how this happened, David: This bill passed the House and the Senate because up until the day or two before the vote, the offices of my colleagues saw only a fraction of the energy that was out there during the health care debate.
Petitions: down
Calls: down
Visits: down
Social Media: down

But we still have a chance to turn it around. One of two things happens next: either House Republicans will have to vote on the bill the Senate passed last night, or we will go to something called a Conference Committee where the two chambers are forced iron out the differences between our respective bills.
But either way, there will be at least one more vote on this. And that gives us a chance to recommit ourselves to this fight. Start here:

This bill is just as unpopular as the health care bill, and arguably impacts even more people than the Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare.
The wealthy and powerful already have it all in this country. It's time for working people to demand a larger slice of the pie.

Every best wish,
Senator Chris Murphy

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