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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


One Commonwealth PAC
In 2017, guns claimed more lives than any other year in American history. Nearly 40,000 Americans died from gunshots. That's more than 100 Americans every single day.
Let me say that again: More than 100 Americans per day were killed by a gun in America.
Loss on this scale is heartbreaking. It's devastating. And we have to put a stop to it.
There are commonsense measures that we know can save lives. All it takes is the political courage to stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby.
I'm so encouraged, because Congress is now controlled by Democrats who are committed to gun violence prevention – including great new Virginia Congresswomen Jennifer Wexton, Abigail Spanberger and Elaine Luria.
The NRA is losing this fight, and they know it, but they won't give up easily.
We have the power to defeat the NRA at the ballot box, in the halls of Congress and even at the State Capitol in Richmond. If we all stand up and make our voices heard, we'll save lives and make our communities safer, stronger places.
Thanks for standing beside me!

FREE eBook. Tate Johnston, Freedom United.

“Traumatic stories are not the focus of this book. If you are socially aware and intelligent, you have already read those passionate cries for help and justice. You know the pain and the suffering that is out there. What you need to know is—what can you do to help?”
– MJC , Amazon reviewer
Dear David,

Have you felt uncertain about what you can do to help people at risk of or affected by modern slavery and human trafficking?

We at Freedom United are thankful for you and are here to support you and your friends wherever you are on your journey from awareness to abolitionism.

That’s why today we’re giving away FREE copies of the Amazon Best Selling eBook Everyday Abolitionist: Discover What You Can Do to Help Stop Modern Slavery / Human Trafficking.
Download your FREE eBook here!
This book might not be for you if you already have an advanced knowledge of modern slavery. In that case, it could be just right for someone you know.

Speaking about my personal experience, when I first became aware of human trafficking, I had a variety of emotional reactions: stunned, sad, outraged, overwhelmed.

And I had so many questions. I wasn’t sure what I could do, and I wasn’t sure what I could do that would actually make a difference.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to take classes and ask questions of experts and people working on various aspects of anti-trafficking from prevention to survivor support.

As I continued on my journey, I thought if I had these questions when I became aware, other people might have them, too. So, I wrote down the wisdom and insights that were shared with me, along with my thoughts and feelings and things I was learning, in the hopes of helping other people move forward in making a bigger and bigger difference helping people live in freedom from modern slavery, with dignity and delight.

And today, to say thanks for being part of the Freedom United community, we’re sharing this resource with you… for FREEdom!

Together for freedom,

Tate and the whole Freedom United team

P.S. Know someone who this book might help? Share this pagewith them. They can get their free copy there, just because you’ve shared it with them.
Tate Johnston
Communications, Freedom United
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©2018 Freedom United is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
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NPR BREAKING NEWS:Trump Foundation To Dissolve Amid New York AG's Investigation.

Donald Trump during a January 2016 campaign event awarding a $100,000 check to a veterans charity in Sioux City, Iowa. Trump's use of his personal foundation during the campaign raised legal questions about the foundation's activities.
Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Updated at 12:30 p.m. ET
New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has announced that the Trump Foundation will dissolve. The foundation was established by Donald Trump well before he ran for president.
The news comes as her office continues its investigation into various questions about the foundation's conduct, including whether the foundation broke the law by coordinating with Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and whether it was truly functioning as a charitable organization.
Underwood said her office had detailed "a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation" and that the foundation's decision to shutter was "an important victory for the rule of law."
The foundation agreed to dissolve under the supervision of a judge. Underwood's office will supervise the disbursement of the foundation's remaining assets to charities. The New York attorney general's office will continue its lawsuit against the foundation and is seeking millions in restitution and penalties and also seeks to bar Trump and his children from serving on the boards of other New York charities.
The investigation was spurred by a series of reports in The Washington Post about the foundation's activities, which suggested little, if any, actual charitable giving, and a pattern of helping Trump's business and political ambitions.
Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington executive director Noah Bookbinder said, "It is good to see this fraud is finally over." CREW had filed complaints calling for investigations into the foundation.
Underwood sued the foundation in June, saying it repeatedly solicited money from donors and then used it for campaign-related purposes, violating federal election law. The money was also used to benefit Trump' business interests, by settling legal claims against it, for example, Underwood said.
Underwood also said that Trump's three oldest children — Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump — had exercised no real control over the foundation's activities, despite being nominal board members.
In its most recent available filing with the IRS, in 2016 the foundation reported $2,929,274 in revenue and $3,075,269 in expenses. Most of the foundations donations that year went to veterans groups, following a campaign promise candidate Trump. The foundation also donated $25,000 to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, according to CREW, in an apparent effort to dissuade her from investigating Trump University, another now-shuttered Trump venture.
In late 2016 Trump said he wanted to dissolve the foundation, but was prevented by Underwood as her investigation continued.
The Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment from NPR.
NPR's Brett Neeley and Peter Overby contributed to this story.

The latest Issue of the Journal of the American Philosophical Association.

Click here for an online version  |  Forward to a friend
Members of the APA can enjoy free access to the latest issue of Journal of the American Philosophical Association.
Selected articles include:

Is Blameworthiness Forever? - Andrew C. Khoury and Benjamin Matheson
Featured on the Cambridge Core blog
"The thing about canons is that they seem sacred. Challenging them, even revisiting them, can seem heretical. Facing these facts is the first step in addressing the intransigence of the early modern philosophical canon..."
Continue reading on the blog.
"In addition to the canonical greats of modern philosophy, such as Descartes, Locke, Leibniz and Hume, it is now becoming increasingly possible to add the names of women philosophers such as Cavendish, Conway, du Ch√Ętelet and Shephard..." Continue reading on the blog.
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

APA Eastern Division meeting: Philosophers Beyond Academia event with philosopher and entrepreneur...

American Philosophical Association

Dear David,

Philosophers Beyond Academia: A Conversation with Damon


We’re pleased to announce that our second Philosophers Beyond Academia event will be held at this year’s Eastern Division meeting in New York: A Conversation with Damon Horowitz. Horowitz, who earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Stanford University, is a philosophy professor and serial entrepreneur, working at the intersection of technology and the humanities. He recently served as Consulting Philosopher at AltSchool, a B-corp focused on using technology to bring personalized progressive education to a broader population. Previously, he was In-House Philosopher/Director of Engineering at Google, leading a company-wide personalization initiative with a focus on data privacy issues.

We invite you to join us for this event on Tuesday, January 8, at 7:30 p.m. at the Sheraton New York Times Square in New York City. Registration for this event is free, and a reception sponsored by the Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University will follow.

If you are unable to attend the New York event in person but would like to be contacted about future events and resources for philosophers working outside the academy, please join the APA’s Philosophers Beyond Academia Network.

We look forward to seeing you in New York!

All the best,

Amy E. Ferrer
Executive Director

P.S. The Sheraton New York Times Square has extended the deadline for the APA Group Rate to December 17. Make your hotel reservations today!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Philosophy without borders: Our latest posts, 10-17 december 2018

Launched in May 2017, PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS, aka PWB, is an  
online mega-project for creating and sharing EIGHT different kinds of  
original philosophy, all of them freely available to anyone, anywhere,  

We’re reaching out to academic philosophers and independent  
philosophers, and to other critically thoughtful, insightful,  
reflective people, everywhere.

PWB is home-based on Patreon, here—

And here are our latest posts—

The Killer Inside Us: Hard-Boiled Noir Existentialism.

Philosophy Ripped From The Headlines!, Issue #15, 1 (December 2018):  
Why We Should Subvert and Dismantle Social Media.

Is A Priori Knowledge Really Possible? Yes; Here’s Proof.


Again, PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS is home-based on Patreon, here—

Please consider becoming a patron!

Monday, December 10, 2018

APA- Call for applications: 2019–2020 Edinburgh Fellowship.

American Philosophical Association


There is less than one week left to apply for the 2019–2020 Edinburgh Fellowship. The APA sponsors one visiting research fellowship per year at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh. The APA Fellow has a private office in the Institute, is a member of the Institute's lively research community, and has full borrowing rights at Edinburgh University Library. The fellowship is for a period of two to six months. Applicants must be members of the APA.

The deadline for applications is December 15, 2018.

For full details of the fellowship and for application procedures, please visit the Edinburgh Fellowship page.

Recent Edinburgh Fellows:

2018–2019: Peter J. Graham (University of California, Riverside)
2017–2018: Marina Folescu (University of Missouri)
2015–2016: Christopher Mole (University of British Columbia)
2014–2015: Thomas Williams (University of South Florida)
2013–2014: Leemon McHenry (California State University Northridge)

We look forward to receiving your applications!

All the best,

Linda Nuoffer
Administrative Coordinator