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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


UNITED States of America.

Did you catch yesterday's State of the Union address?
President Trump opened his speech with an appeal for unity, but it devolved into pugnacious nationalism. For many of us, last night served as a reminder of how President Trump was elected -- and why I, and so many others like me, answered a call to run for office. I hope to UNITE our community and move us forward.
The Trump administration and some GOP leaders take us backward. Most of his speech pits one part of our society against another. He has no ability to transform our country towards a better future because he only sees things as win or lose, us versus them.
On domestic policy, he is nearsighted. He lauds tax cuts for the 1% and big business CEOs over working families. He repeals the health care individual mandate that keeps people healthy and saves the government money. He alienates Dreamers who are integral to our thriving society. He turns a blind eye towards climate change and looks for quick wins in lieu of visionary solutions.
On foreign policy, he is bombastic. He envisions a world where we can win only if others lose. He thinks that “America First” is “Everyone Else Last.” Building walls, abandoning NAFTA, and breaking alliances makes us less safe against terrorism. More weapons won’t keep us safe, but good leadership will.
The fundamental challenge our country faces is the vast inequalities in access to building blocks for a high standard of living -- quality education, affordable healthcare, and stable employment opportunities. Tackling this challenge requires equal parts creativity and commitment -- and our president has shown little capacity for either. Trump continues to choose short-term fixes now at the expense long-term rewards.
We, you, and I must reaffirm one fundamental truth about this great American story: We are a UNITED people and have a shared future. November 6th will be our first opportunity to reassert our shared values at the ballot box -

-- JWW

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