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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Let’s congratulate Rep. Faso! CONG. CAND. PAT RYAN.

David --
Congratulations are in order for the 19th District’s own John Faso!
With Darrell Issa’s retirement, Faso just moved up to #2 on Roll Call’s list of the most vulnerable members of the House.
 It’s not easy to earn this kind of national distinction -- let’s take a look back at how Faso did it:
  • Voted to strip healthcare coverage away from tens of thousands of his own constituents
  • Voted to roll back consumer protection and Wall Street reform measures designed to prevent another Great Recession
  • Failed to stop Trump and Paul Ryan from taking money out of our pockets to give their billionaire friends a tax cut
...tell Faso congratulations -- and we’re coming for him.
-- Team Ryan

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