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Thursday, January 11, 2018

On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Joanna Ewart-James, Freedom United. (team@freedomunited.org)


Dear David,

This National Human Trafficking Awareness Month act to help protect youth in the U.S. who are vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. Whilst some have participated in sleep outs, we are asking...do this small but important act to help power our voice to secure the introduction of legislation to improve protections for our vulnerable homeless and runaway youth.

A new study released last month reveals the shocking extent of youth homelessness across the United States.[1] Because of their vulnerability and inadequate support, homeless and runaway children and youth often go unnoticed, quietly trafficked into forced labor or the commercial sex industry.

Congress has the power to help prevent child trafficking.

Introducing the Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act (RHYTPA) will be a step toward improving services and protections for homeless youth either experiencing or at high-risk of trafficking.

Call on Congress to help prevent child trafficking and introduce the RHYTPA!

With season’s greetings,

Joanna and Alex and the teams at Freedom United and National Network for Youth. 

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