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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Restoring faith in our government. CONG. CAND. JOSH WELLE.

Hi David --

In September 2017 I announced that I am running for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District. I’ve dedicated my life to serving my country and putting my community first. Now, I hope to continue that service in the House of Representatives.
After graduating from the Naval Academy, I deployed to Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Asia to protect our country and preserve our values. You’ve seen, as I have, the fabric of the very society we fought to protect become fraught and frayed. I believe we deserve to have faith in our government again.

That’s why I’m running to represent New Jersey’s Fourth District in the House of Representatives. 
My hometown congressman, Chris Smith, doesn’t represent the middle class, hasn’t held a town hall in over 23 years, and holds no positions of leadership in Congress. He has done nothing to stop the assaults on the working people and families of Central New Jersey.
I am running for Congress because Washington is broken and it is going to take new ideas and new people to fix it.

Our campaign is about bringing integrity back to politics and working with others to provide concrete solutions to complex problems. It’s about working across the aisle, putting ethical principles first, and exercising political pragmatism. Mostly, it’s about finding innovative and fresh ways to make government work for all Americans.

It’s going to be a challenge to unseat a 36-year incumbent, but with your support, I’m confident we can succeed.
Thank you,
Josh Welle

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