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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Shutting them down. CONG. CAND. JIM HARBAUGH.

David --
There is no more basic duty for members of our government than keeping our government open.
If Congress fails at this, hundreds of thousands of federal employees will go without work.
The Smithsonian will close. Head Start programs will close. Some military training will be eliminated.
The American people will find themselves without basic services. There will be no staff to answer questions about military benefits. Working parents will be without childcare. Chronically-ill patients will be unable to enroll in federal clinical trials.
And in the case of a government shutdown, thousands of hard-working men and women will not receive a paycheck.
But members of Congress will. That’s right, even during a shutdown, Congress still gets paid.
Come on, Congress. Do your job.
Folks, if our members of Congress will not work for us, then this November, we have only one choice: we must elect new candidates who will.
In service,

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