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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Who can you trust to fight for you? CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE JASON RITTEREISER.

Politicians in Washington D.C. are full of promises, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what their real priorities are until they show us. This week, President Trump made his priorities crystal clear.
On the campaign trail, Trump swore he would protect Medicare. But his new budget would slash funding for Medicare, along with gutting funding for nutrition assistance for children in need and eliminating loan forgiveness for students who go into public service professions like teaching, nursing, and law enforcement.
We’ve seen this before. Our Republican opponent Dino Rossi is campaigning on his record of balancing the state budget. But his budget raised taxes on seniors in nursing homes, eliminated Medicaid coverage for 46,000 kids, and raised tuition at our public colleges and universities.
The state budget that Dino Rossi can’t stop bragging about makes it obvious that he shares the president’s priorities - gutting the programs that help people who need it most.
Make no mistake - taking away funding for these programs is dangerous. By taking away funding for school lunch and for healthcare people need to survive, Dino Rossi and President Trump are choosing to harm our children and future generations. 
Every day on the campaign trail, I hear from parents who are struggling to pay for college tuition, from recent graduates who are being crushed by their student loan debt, and from small businesses who haven’t seen the gains in the economy that Trump brags about.
It’s time for a new generation of leaders to take on our greatest challenges. It’s time we governed for people, not against them. My experience demonstrates my priorities and what I’ll do in Congress - be a voice for the middle class, small businesses, and working families, and fight for future generations, not against them. 
-- Jason

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