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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dangerous to our democracy. U.S. SENATOR JEANNE SHAHEEN.

Undemocratic. Un-American. Unacceptable.
David: For years, the GOP’s gerrymandering – or drawing of unfair voting districts – 
has silenced the voices of millions of Americans, time and again allowing Republicans to 
steal a majority of statewide seats even while Democrats earn more votes.

Make no mistake about it: Gerrymandering is a fundamental threat to our democracy, our
belief in equality, and our free and fair elections. If we don’t take meaningful action against 
it before November, Democrats could be locked out of office for years to come, left unable 
to fight back against President Trump’s agenda.

So David, I’m counting on you to join the fight before it’s too late. 
Thank you.

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