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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Endorsement I'm really proud of. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE PAT RYAN.

Hi David -- Yesterday, Moms Demand Action added me to their list of candidates they're supporting. That means a lot to me, especially after I've taken an outspoken position on stopping gun violence, bucking the "DC conventional wisdom" that you can't talk about guns in places like NY-19. Now less than 90 days from the primary. Thanks to your support, the campaign is going really well. 
Every day is a sprint. And we have a major deadline on Saturday--my FINAL quarterly filing deadline before the primary. (Honestly, I don't think anyone is more excited than I am that this is the last one.)
It's going to take more than money to win. Which is why I told my team I want to knock on thousands of doors before the primary. 
Conor Lamb's win in a district that Trump won by 20 points still has me fired up. He did it because earned the trust of voters that Dems haven't been able to reach in a while. I'm following a similar path in my race (in a district Trump won by 7). My approach is getting noticed. Charlie Cook (one of the top political forecasters) ranks me as a front-runner in the primary and I've earned the backing of former DCCC Chairman Steve Israel.


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