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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Hi David -- We're really excited here about my friend Conor Lamb's win last night in PA-18. This morning, I've been reflecting on how Conor pulled off his victory in a district where Trump won by 20 points. Here's what I think the takeaways are as it relates to my race in NY-19 (and other tough races across the country):
  • Conor spoke to and turned out a lot of Democrats that we haven't been able to speak to in a while, especially union members and working families. 
  • Conor stayed focused and disciplined on the issues that mattered to his voters. He talked a lot about healthcare, jobs, and how the tax bill is going to hurt people.
  • Conor's record of service showed that he puts his community first and allowed him to earn the trust of voters.
  • Conor was the right fit for his district. He grew up there. He had real roots. He could connect to the people in his community.
Conor's win validates the approach I'm taking here in NY-19, a district that Trump won by 7 points. We're both endorsed by VoteVets and we're both part of the group of Democratic veterans supported by Seth Moulton's Serve America.
Flipping NY-19 won't be easy. And we shouldn't take last night's win to mean that any Democratic candidate can win a tough district. I'm the only candidate in this race who is running a strategy similar to Conor. And I'm the only candidate who can win here in November.
Best, Pat
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