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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Help win the fight against these bogus recalls, David. EMILY's LIST.

Did you hear the good news from Nevada?

Republican attempts to recall state Senators Joyce Woodhouse and Nicole Cannizzaro — whom we helped elect — just hit a major setback.

A Nevada district court judge just upheld a state law that allows voters to withdraw their signatures from recall petitions, potentially removing hundreds of names.

We've had Joyce and Nicole's backs from the start of these bogus recall attempts — which are nothing more than a Republican plot to turn the state Senate red.

But this fight isn't over. There will be another round of signature verification, and this case could go all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court.

...help continue to fight this and other outrageous attempts by Republicans to undermine our women and fair elections.


Jenna Kruse,
Vice President of Research, EMILY's List

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