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Friday, March 23, 2018

I'm with Krysten. U.S. SENATOR CORY BOOKER.


My friend Kyrsten Sinema needs your help.

Kyrsten is running to be Arizona’s next Senator.

With Jeff Flake’s retirement, it’s an open seat – and a must-win if Democrats are going to take back the Senate in November.

Kyrsten’s Republican opponent is Joe Arpaio. His cruel and bigoted actions and his hateful rants hurt so many and unfairly smeared Arizona and Arizonans.

Now Kyrsten is taking Arpaio head-on. She’s fighting back against his extremism and bigotry.

With the first FEC deadline for 2018 approaching, it’s critical Kyrsten show she has the grassroots strength to defeat Joe Arpaio...

Arpaio has only been in the race two months, but he’s attracting a lot of attention – and support.

As a close friend of President Trump, Arpaio is benefiting from massive amounts of cash coming from national contributors rushing to help him out. We’ll know just how much when Arpaio files his first FEC report at the end of March.

We need to ensure Kyrsten reports the strongest numbers possible in her FEC filing.

Kyrsten’s campaign is building an unparalleled grassroots movement across Arizona. Her FEC report must reflect that growing on-the-ground strength.

Kyrsten’s tough – and she’s a fighter. All her life, she’s overcome serious obstacles.

As Kyrsten runs to fight for hardworking Arizonans in the Senate, she needs our help to take on – and defeat – the cruelty of Joe Arpaio. Will you stand with Kyrsten right now?

Thanks for supporting Kyrsten,


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