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Friday, March 23, 2018


Hi David,
March has already been a busy month on the trail and I wanted to catch you up on what we’ve been doing on the ground here in NY-19. 
Thanks to your support my campaign has been crushing our petitioning goals and we’ve amped up our field program this month. People across NY-19 have been helping us organize and collect petition signatures to get me on the ballot. Here are some of my favorite moments from March so far:
We started collecting signatures on March 6th to get my name on the ballot. I love this shot of our Field Director Brit prepping packets for volunteers. I’m lucky to have such an amazing team working with me and recruiting volunteers everyday. 
Our team even got my parents out making calls to support my campaign. I couldn’t ask for two better people to be on the phones talking me up. 
Speaking of our awesome team, this is Ciara, Alexis, and Max before they went out to smash our petition goals. I LOVE Alexis’ shirt. It says it all, “No more thoughts and prayers, policy change now.” 
I met Noelle after a forum in Hillsdale. She was standing outside in the parking lot when I was leaving with a handmade sign around her neck to let people know she was petitioning for me because she thinks I’m the only one who can beat Faso. This was one of the coolest moments of the campaign for me so far!
Here’s me at Indivisible Chatham New York’s CANDI-DATING event in Ghent. Really appreciated the chance to connect with small groups of voters up close. 
Conor Lamb won his special election in PA and my friend Seth Moulton gave me a shout out in a discussion with The New York Times about how my campaign can replicate Conor’s win in our tough district. I’m fired up!!!
Alexis and Caroline from Team Ryan stood with Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley Action at Faso Friday to demand our representatives protect women's health, especially crucial Title X funding.
While collecting signatures, I knocked on a door looking for a 19 year-old Democrat named Luke, but his dad Matt, a Republican answered and spoke with me anyway. He told me he didn’t care about political parties and that he cared about getting rid of politicians who only look out for themselves instead of doing their job to represent the people. 
We have a major opportunity to win this year-- folks across the country are tired of what’s happening in Washington and they want a leader who will have the courage to drive change. Having the chance to talk with voters like Matt is one of the best things about canvassing. 
Thanks to everyone who’s been petitioning, canvassing, phone banking, coming out to events, and donating to our campaign. The momentum on the ground is strong. This is our moment. I can’t do this without you all.
How can you help? We're looking for volunteers to carry petitions for us to make sure we're on the ballot. If you're interested, reach out to our amazing Field Director Brit atBrit@patryanforcongress.com.
Thanks for stepping up -- together, we're already making NY-19 a better place. 
-- Pat

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