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Friday, March 9, 2018

We Stand with Latifa, Phoebe and Malokhat. FREEDOM UNITED.

Dear David,

Do you know what proportion of modern slavery victims are women and girls?

This International Women’s Day, we are standing up for women and girls like Phoebe*who was forced into the commercial sex trade at just 15 years old.[1] Women and girls make up 71% of all modern slavery victims.[2] Join us and demand 'Freedom For Girls'!

We are speaking out for young women like Latifa from Lebanon – who at 19 was forced to marry the middle-aged man who raped her[3] – and calling for Lebanon to abolish all of its laws that perpetuate the exploitation of young women and girls through forced marriage.

Join us and stand in solidarity with Malokhat, the human rights monitor who is constantly targeted, harassed and detained for her work shedding light on egregious human rights violations and forced labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry.[4] Tell Uzbekistan to drop all charges against Malokhat.

Right now, you can take critical action to help end modern slavery. Mark Women’s Day and add your voices to these campaigns. If you already have, share them and encourage others to add their voices too. 

These real life stories represent the wide scope of how women and girls are disproportionately affected by modern slavery. Whether forced to sell sex, forced to marry or targeted and persecuted for helping prevent slavery, women and girls are at greater risk of harm.

So today we say their names: Malokhat, Latifa, Phoebe – along with the names of countless women and girls who endure trafficking, exploitation, threat and fear every day – and commit to taking action.

We thank you for tirelessly joining us in the fight against slavery. There’s still much work to do and this International Women’s Day we know we can count on you to keep the momentum going.

Thanks for your support,

Joanna, Alex, Miriam, Katina and the entire team at Freedom United.

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