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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

With the right candidate, we can win anywhere. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE JASON RITTEREISER.


Pennsylvania's 18th district has been safe Republican territory for decades. Trump won there by nearly 20 points, and the Republican incumbent sailed to victory in the past eight elections. Last night, 33-year-old former prosecutor Conor Lamb broke their streak and defeated Trump’s hand-picked candidate Rick Saccone. 
I applaud Conor for taking on this challenge, as I know what it’s like to campaign for a seat that hasn’t elected a Democrat in decades. During this campaign I’ve met countless voters who tell me a Democrat hasn’t asked for their vote in years, and we need more candidates like Conor willing to do the same across the country if we’re going to take back the House this November.
Conor’s victory proves that even voters in supposedly safe Republican districts are ready for a new generation of leadership in D.C. Just like the voters I’ve talked to from Auburn to Ellensburg, they are tired of the same of politicians reiterating the same partisan talking points and getting nothing done. 
With your help, we’ll make sure every voter in the district hears our winning message and make history of our own when Washington’s 8th district elects its first Democratic representative this November.
Conor’s victory proves that we can win.
See you at the finish line,

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