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Monday, April 23, 2018

Bulletproof Backpacks. Virginia House Democrats.

David -

Republicans have come up with a solution to America's gun safety problem: bulletproof backpacks. Delegate Barry Knight (R) wrote in the Virginian-Pilot, "Since the Parkland shooting on Feb. 14, the sale of bulletproof backpacks has seen a 150 percent jump, according to one manufacturer. That is a good indicator of what people are concerned about right now."

Yes, Delegate Knight -- parents and students are terrified. They're terrified because of how easy it is for innocent lives to be gone in a matter of seconds. This year, Republicans refused to allow numerous gun safety measures to receive a vote on the floor of the House -- and of those they did, over 70 were defeated by Republicans on party-line votes. When we have a Democratic majority, then we'll see more solutions than just "bulletproof backpacks."


Trevor M. Southerland
Executive Director
Virginia House Democrats


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