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Saturday, April 28, 2018


Hi David, 
In the Army, before every operation we marked the time remaining by [D-58] with 58 being the number of days until the mission and then [H-XX] representing the hours left. We’re now just 58 days from our Primary Election Day, so we'll be reaching out with campaign updates more often since the election is close.
Thursday night, we headed to my alma mater, Kingston High School, for a debate hosted by Radio Kingston. (Go vote, Tigers!) The last time I was in that auditorium, I was taking my graduation photos. And then 18 years later I was back in the same auditorium running for Congress and debating the values that are important to our country and our community.
What I heard from voters last night and what I hear from voters throughout NY-19 is that they’re sick of self-serving politicians. I am too -- that's why I joined this race. The values I learned serving our country are the opposite of how too many politicians conduct themselves in Washington.
Just in the last week, we had two really exciting updates validating that voters want leaders who will put country first. With Honor released a poll showing two important things: (1) “Served honorably in the US military” is the strongest trait they tested for a candidate, and (2) nearly 1 in 3 voters said they are more likely to vote for a congressional candidate of a different party once they learn the candidate is a veteran. 
[Poll from With Honor ranking the Qualifications of a Congressional Candidate people are most likely to support. Served Honorably in US military 62, Has prior experience as an elected official 53, Runs a non-profit organization 38, Started a business 38, Is a successful lawyer 23.]
On Thursday General Wes Clark highlighted my campaign in his article: “Want a politician you can trust? Elect a veteran in November”. This is BIG news. 
Here’s what he said: 
“Veterans elected to Congress will also practice a lost art — leadership. Leadership can be taught in a boardroom, on a sports field or on a Peace Corps deployment. But when it comes to molding leaders, it’s hard to replicate leading teams in combat zones. That brand of leadership is being exemplified by veterans across the country. Women like Mikie Sherrill in New Jersey and Elissa Slotkin in Michigan. Men like Dan McCready in North Carolina and Pat Ryan in New York.”
As an Army officer, I always made sure my soldiers had what they needed - “officers eat last”. Those are the values I learned in the Army and those are the values I see resonating when I travel the district and talk to voters, regardless of their political party. That’s why I know we can win here, in a tough battleground district like NY-19.
I can’t thank you enough for supporting my campaign. I truly couldn’t do this without friends like you. Hope to catch up soon, and in the meantime, I’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress.

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