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Monday, May 14, 2018

Ending pay-to-play politics. GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE ALEX ROSS.

The role of money in politics is destroying America’s democracy. There's no other way to say it— the fact that political candidates across the country must spend more time raising money than listening to and helping their constituents or risk losing their election is anti-Democratic and undermines the integrity of our electoral process.
I don’t have years of relationships with developers or lobbyists who will fund my campaign to help their business interests, so I spend several hours a day fundraising to keep up with candidates who do. This is time that I could be spending connecting with Maryland voters and discussing their concerns and hopes for our state.
This is a terrible and unjust system, which is why my team and I have a bold, comprehensive plan that ends our current pay-to-play political system. Here's what we're going to do:
  1. Get corporate money out of politics by getting rid of corporate and LLC donations.  In, Maryland only humans should be allowed to give money. Because we aren’t just talking the talk, we’re going to be listing all of our donors— including the humans behind the few LLC contributions we have— on our website. 
  2. Dramatically improve disclosure by making sure super PACs are disclosing who their funders are. 
  3. Establish real public financing for campaigns. Campaigns that are willing to accept spending limits will be able to receive public financing through tax vouchers. We’re going to fund this by taxing the dark money super PACs.
We're out to reform our political system by making candidates and campaigns all about the people they represent— NOT corporate cash. 

Thank you,
-Alec Ross

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