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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

[Obamacare Update] Republican admits why prices are ⬆...


A top Republican just admitted their tax scam bill is raising health care costs.

President Trump's former Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price, confessed that removing crucial elements of Obamacare — which Republicans did when they passed their tax scam bill in December — will actually increase insurance costs.

It's just more proof the Trump administration and Republicans will sink to all-time lows — even knowingly harming Americans — to give handouts to their wealthy donors.

...help elect pro-choice Democratic women to replace Republicans who serve their wealthy donors more than their constituents.

Just last year, Price said Obamacare was "harming the patients of this land."

But we know who's really hurting Americans:

It's President Trump, his cabinet members, and congressional Republicans who have been fighting tooth and nail to decimate Obamacare — forcing millions off their insurance and raising health care costs for all of us.



Christina Reynolds
Vice President of Communications, EMILY's List

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