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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Dear David,
Healthcare is a human right. I am campaigning to make the healthcare system of our nation reflect that core value. I can't do it alone. To make it work, I need help to win my campaign, and we need many others who agree that healthcare is a human right to win their campaigns. We need a majority in Congress who not only agree that healthcare is a human right, but will fight to make it happen.
We are declaring Tuesdays for the remainder of this campaign to be Team Building Tuesdays. Every Tuesday we will tell you about other candidates around the nation who are fighting to ensure everyone gets access to all the care they need without fear of crippling debt. Champions who will stand up to the insurance lobby and big PHARMA, putting people before profits.
Laura Moser is running in the Seventh Congressional District of Texas, with a runoff election coming up in just a couple weeks. She is an outspoken advocate for healthcare. Laura may not be a doctor, but she diagnosed the problems of our system:
"Our health care policy making system in Washington is broken. Rooms full of men deciding what women can’t do with their own bodies, insurance lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies stuffing any bill they can get their hands on with favorable kickbacks, and an administration intent on tearing down every piece of Obamacare until there’s nothing left."
We need champions like Laura to win in their districts. We need a healthcare is a human right majority to hit the ground running as soon as they are sworn in next January. Together we can rebuild our healthcare system into one that puts patients first, empowers doctors to provide the best possible care, and improves outcomes for everyone except those that put greed before the health of our communities.

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