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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tonight's debate is at 7pm. GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE ALEC ROSS.

We’ve got another debate tonight, and we’re excited for folks to be able to see why Alec is a different kind of candidate.
Most Democratic primaries have candidates indistinguishable from each other, repeating the same talking points, like they are just checking off the boxes.
Some of the other candidates are running their campaign following the same playbook. Time and time again, Alec has proven he’s not going to be that kind of candidate and he’s not going to be that kind of Governor—but instead someone who has bold ideas, listens and responds to voters and their very real concerns, and is ready to lead.
See it for yourself, tonight at 7pm on News Channel 8 in the Washington DC area and CW54 in Baltimore.

Thank you,
Julie Verratti

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