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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Two days left in May. Jennifer Boysko, Run Everywhere.

Recent developments in the Virginia legislature have underscored the importance of electing as many progressive candidates as possible to statewide office.

In November we came within one vote of leveling the playing field in the House of Delegates.
Just three months later, the HOD wrapped up a bipartisan budget compromise that included the previously unthinkable -- Medicaid expansion and long-overdue wage increases for teachers.

Now that we’ve seen what bipartisan compromise looks like in the VA HOD, contrast that with the Senate, where the Republican majority has yet to so much as vote on a budget.

You don't suppose the delay has anything to do with the fact that Virginia's state senators don’t face re-election worries until 2019...

Instead, following the example of majority leader and Finance Committee Co-Chair Thomas Norment, they’re playing the obstruction game. Delay and deny has become the Virginia Republican mantra.
The Senate’s next opportunity to pass the HOD’s bipartisan budget is today.

Thanks for your continued support,
Jennifer Boysko
Finance Chair, Virginia Democratic House Caucus
Chair of Run Everywhere

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