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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We can't let this happen (DeVos). GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE MOLLY KELLY.

Dear David,
Did you hear what Chris Sununu promised last week? After Republicans and Democrats once again rejected his school voucher bill – the bill that takes state funding out of our public schools and instead pays for vouchers at religious or private schools – he promised to try again and again if he's reelected.
It's not surprising, though, that he'd continue to pursue this terrible idea. Today, President Trump's education secretary and the top cheerleader for school vouchers – Betsy DeVos – is in New Hampshire to raise money with Sununu to get him reelected.
For the sake of our students, we can't let this happen. 
As I’ve traveled across New Hampshire, I’ve heard overwhelming opposition to school vouchers and the damage they would do to our public schools. Mayors, for example, have told me how much this bill would devastate their cities and force them to raise property taxes. When I served in the state Senate, I voted against a similar plan that would have hurt public schools, and as governor, I would veto any plan that takes money from our public schools to use for private or religious schools.
Education is personal for me. As a single mom raising three children, I worked my way through Keene State College because I wanted a better future for my children, and that started with education. And for most of our children, opportunity starts with public schools.
While Sununu raises money with Betsy DeVos and pursues an extreme agenda that would hurt our children, I'm standing up for our students and teachers. Help me win this race so we can strengthen our public schools and support hardworking families who depend on public education for a good future with many opportunities for their children. 

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