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Sunday, May 6, 2018

WFSE knows: Rittereiser Over Rossi.

Today, we received word that the AFSCME Council 28 Washington Federation of State Employees and their 42,000 members have endorsed Jason! Public sector workers across our district are facing an existential threat, so they're lining up behind Jason to fight back.
WFSE members are turning their outrage at Trump’s anti-union crusade into real action by knocking doors, calling voters, and rallying their brothers and sisters in labor to support Jason’s campaign. Our union supporters are leading the way, but we need your help.
With Republicans pushing anti-union agendas across the country AND the Supreme Court poised to strip collective bargaining rights from public sector workers, we need advocates who know what it means to fight for workers’ rights now more than ever.
We’re honored to stand united with our state employees, firefighters, carpenters, law enforcement officers, engineers, and so many others who have chosen to put their confidence in Jason. 

 We can’t do this without you, David.
Will Casey, Communications Director


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