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Thursday, June 14, 2018

17,000 teachers support my campaign. GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE MOLLY KELLY.

Dear David,
Our campaign received a big boost today. The New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association – which represents 17,000 public school teachers and educators – announced its support for my campaign for governor.
Public school teachers make such a big difference in the lives of our children, expanding minds and opening up a lifetime of learning and opportunity.
But Governor Chris Sununu wants to erode public education by passing a school voucher bill. The scheme would take money from public schools and give it to private and religious schools. That's just wrong for our students, and wrong for New Hampshire.
Donald Trump sent his education secretary, Betsy DeVos, to New Hampshire just a few weeks ago to raise money for Chris Sununu's reelection campaign. DeVos and Sununu share an extreme right-wing agenda to create a voucher program that would take money from our public schools, take opportunities from our children and leave taxpayers with higher property taxes.
Public education is the core of our democracy. If a school voucher bill that takes money from public schools and gives it to private or religious schools were to ever reach my desk, I would veto it. New Hampshire's teachers know that I will always stand with them to ensure the best for our children.
Thank you,

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