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Monday, June 11, 2018


Dear David,
We learned yesterday that the office of  Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture didn't bother to do background checks on concealed carry permit requests for a year. A staffer couldn't log in to the system, so they just didn't bother.
This failure has endangered the lives of residents and visitors of Florida. We also know that Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam failed to ensure the duties and responsibilities of his office were properly executed.
Proud NRA Sellout.
Commissioner Putnam has bragged about being, “A proud NRA sellout.” During his tenure Florida has experienced two of the most terrible mass killings in recent memory at Pulse and Parkland. He remains proud of his commitment to the NRA, and he has honored that commitment to make it easier for the gun manufacturers to drive profits up while our loved ones are terrorized and killed in our communities.
We must also have a thorough investigation of this situation, auditing the permits that were issued and also who knew what, when they knew it, and what did they do about it. At what point did Governor Rick Scott become aware? Attorney General Pam Bondi? Did either of them take serious action to rectify the situation or did they assist Commissioner Putnam in his efforts to obfuscate and protect his electoral viability for his campaign for Governor?
Whether we are speaking of US Congress, state Constitutional offices, or municipal elected officials, we should be holding people in these positions and seeking them to a higher standard. We should demand accountability and transparency, and we certainly shouldn't offer promotions to those that have demonstrably failed to perform the duties of their office.

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