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Saturday, June 16, 2018



David -- ...thank you for... your support...today - starting at 0730 - I'm marching with students, teachers, and activists in NY-19 to deliver a letter to Faso demanding he step up and advocate for federal policy to end gun violence. 

If you'd like to join us, fill out this form to connect with my staff and join us along the 30 mile march.

Now [D-09] until the primary. Going to be an awesome week! 

Talk soon, 


Jennifer Wexton is named to the DCCC’s Red to Blue program!
Jennifer worked hard on the campaign trail and together, with your support, we’ve built a movement that’s ready to take on Barbara Comstock and her deep-pocketed special
interests in November.

That’s why the DCCC has recognized us as a competitive and winnable district.

Here’s what they had to say:
“As a former prosecutor, state senator, and working mom, Jennifer Wexton’s record of service and involvement in her community runs deep. Jennifer is a proven leader who has shown that she can get results for her constituents when it matters, as evidenced by the work she has done to expand health care to working families in her district and across Virginia.”
-Ben Ray Luján, DCCC Chairman

It’s an honor to be recognized by this successful program and it’s yet another resource that will help us win in November.


David -

The 2017 election was a wild ride for me -- we were down by a few votes, we won by one vote, we were tied, then the race was decided by pulling a name out of a bowl. It was crazy. But through it all, the House Democratic Caucus was constantly supporting me. When oddities in my race meant that we needed an expert legal team, the caucus stepped up to make sure we had the best -- and they picked up the bill.

Between the 4 recounts after Virginia's 2017 elections that myself, Joshua Cole, Del. Dawn Adams and Donte Tanner went through -- the final legal bill tallied just over one million dollars. The caucus has nearly retired that entire debt --
 but we need to stop talking about 2017 and start focusing on 2019.

Thank you for standing with me last year... 
- Shelly Simonds

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