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Sunday, June 17, 2018



I became a father 13 years ago.

My oldest daughter was born on Super Bowl Sunday and even now, I could not tell you which two teams were in the game that day. But I can tell you that her eyes were the color of the ocean at sunset and when I held her for the first time, I understood my purpose in this world was to be her Dad.

I became a father again 8 years ago.

When my middle daughter was born, the doctors told us that she was not quite finished. But she looked like an angel to me. She fit in the crook of my arm like she was part of me. I knew no matter how much she grew up, she would always fit in my arms.

I became a father again 6 years ago.

My son was nearly 2 weeks late. My wife likes to joke that she carried the girls for nine months, but she carried our son for almost ten. I remember wondering briefly how my arms would ever carry three children and how my heart would ever have room to love so many of them.

What a silly thing to wonder.

You just do. When they are tired, you carry them. When they are hungry, you feed them. And no matter what, you love them.

People sometimes ask me, “Is it hard being a dad and campaigning?” Of course it is. But you know what? It is also really easy. Because I always have perspective. I have interrupted strategy sessions to play Freeze Tag and I have postponed meetings to take the kids canoeing. I always know that THEY are the most important part of this campaign.

Because, at the end of the day, all of us here at Team Harbaugh are fighting for my kids. And for your kids. And your neighbors and nieces and grandchildren. We are fighting so the next generation will inherit the nation I fought for. The nation we love.

We are fighting so that our kids will have it a little better than we did.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone. May your heart be as full as mine is today.

In service,



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