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Saturday, June 16, 2018


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With Affordable Health Care now becoming available to every American, there is one industry that is facing the loss of tens of millions of dollars.  Because adequate medical treatment will be a positive improvement on the lives of millions, the desire to seek out "Alternative" treatments from dubious or even bogus sources will be dramatically decreased.  Perhaps, this will mean the end of one of the greatest medical travesties in history- HOMEOPATHY. 

This is not a case of a fringe theory with results that are hotly debated by the Medical community.  How anyone with a minimal ability to reason and understand the choices that affect their lives would want to follow this lifestyle is astonishing. Homeopathy lacks, in every way, the bare minimum to be called a valid choice when dealing with medical conditions in human beings.

Homeopathy, as it is practiced today, is still basically the same as it was two hundred years ago.  The basic theory is that all disease is not caused by outside sources, but from imbalances within the body itself.  To check these imbalances, one must take a diluted mixture of the poison harming the body.

In the beginning, these "dilutions" were small, but enough toxins were present in the "remedy" to cause harm to the individual.  To solve this problem, Homeopathic Practitioners came up with an unusual solution.  The answer was to dilute the substance many times over, even to the point where there is no molecular identity of the "Active Ingredient" within the "Remedy".  To put it another way, the so-called treatment has no trace of the substance that is supposed to heal the body. 

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