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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


We are out every weekend listening to our neighbors, David. This is what we are hearing:
“I talked to a voter last weekend. She is working three jobs just to keep up with her health care costs. She told me no one had ever come to the door before to listen to what her family needed. She took a Ken Harbaugh flyer and said ‘I’ll see you in November.’” -- Tom, Lorain county

“I talked to a woman who was frustrated by our current representative. ‘Where is he?’ she asked. ‘Why isn’t HE out here listening to us?’ She thanked us for stopping by and promised to learn more about Ken Harbaugh.” -- Lauren, Stark county

“We talked to an undecided voter recently. After our conversation, he said because we knocked on his door and listened to what he had to say, he would help spread the word about Ken Harbaugh. Knocking on doors works.”-- Jared, Ashland county
When we show up where people live, they show up for us on Election Day.

But we are only just getting started. We need to talk to thousands of voters to see this thing through.

In service,

Sara Haas
Field Organizer

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