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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Marching to end gun violence in NY-19. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE PAT RYAN.

Hi David,
This past weekend, Rebecca and I marched with the incredible young leaders who founded Hudson Valley Stands Up to hold our elected officials accountable for putting gun manufacturers above the lives of students. I spoke with a student who told me after seeing the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas step up and fight back, they were inspired and believed their political leaders would listen and take action.

And then, our nation faced another horrific school shooting in Santa Fe, TX. But we're still not seeing any meaningful action from our elected officials. In fact, Trump and Faso have doubled down in their support for the NRA. I joined this race to serve my country again, to tackle tough issues like gun violence head on, and to fight for real progress to protect the lives of children.

On Saturday, June 16th I'm marching 30 miles with students, teachers, and activists in NY-19 from the FDR House in Hyde Park to Rep. John Faso's office to deliver a letter demanding our congressman take action on a federal level and be an advocate for policy to end gun violence now. This year, twice as many students have died in school shootings than US military members killed in combat operations. It's time to get weapons of war off of our streets.

It’s clear that our current leaders aren’t taking gun violence prevention seriously. Our president pandered to the NRA at their annual convention a month ago, and just last week, John Faso made a joke during a town hall on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill, instead of facing this issue with the gravity it deserves. Enough is enough.

Our letter to Faso demands that he take federal action to protect the lives of students by calling for an assault weapons ban, along with a series of other common-sense gun safety measures.

More soon,

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