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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trump & Pence in Indiana. GREEN MOUNTAIN PAC.

My friend and colleague, Senator Joe Donnelly's GOP challenger in Indiana is Mike Braun: a far-right former Republican State Representative who poured millions of his own money into his primary campaign.
President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have already made a special visit to Indiana to campaign for Joe's opponent and attack Joe -- and the Koch brothers and other special interest groups have spent more than $7 million in ad buys on top of that.
We need to rush Joe's campaign the support they'll need to fight back and keep Joe's seat blue this fall...

Since he was elected to the Senate in 2012, Joe has been a passionate advocate for affordable health care, fought fiercely on behalf of our nation's veterans, helped lead the charge against the growing opioid epidemic ravaging communities in Indiana, Vermont, and across the country, and done so much more.
We need to keep him in the Senate so he can continue fighting for our Democratic values, but with Politico calling Joe the most vulnerable Democrat this cycle, we can't take his victory for granted.
Indiana is looking more and more like a $100-million Senate race, with the bulk of that money coming from conservative, dark-money groups like the Koch brothers propping up Joe's opponent.
To fight back against their attacks and win, Joe's counting on grassroots support from Democrats across the nation.
Thank you for helping keep Joe's seat blue.

Patrick Leahy
U.S. Senator

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