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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We want action on World Refugee Day. FREEDOM UNITED.


Dear David,

Shocking stories of migrants’ experience are pouring out from around the world. We have had enough! It is time to stand #WithRefugees.

In the US, an aggressive family separation policy is underway, in the UK citizens have risen up to stop the forcible deportation of a trafficking victim[1] and in the Mediterranean governments are turning back boats. Meanwhile, in Libya migrants are being sold in slave markets,[2] and similar slave-like conditions are now appearing in Algeria.[3]

On World Refugee Day, call for action!  

Government policy towards migrants has failed to consider the devastating impact of modern slavery on victims. We need to make it clear that their experience cannot be disregarded and ignored in the pursuit of aggressive migrant policies.

Join our call on the UN to formally investigate slave markets in Libya to stop this egregious practice, protect migrants and refugees from the risk of slavery in Libya and bring their traffickers to justice.

We are ready to flex our power. We believe that in order to really impact change and protect the lives of migrants in Libya, the first step must be launch an official UN investigation.

That’s why we’re asking if you can help grow the Freedom United campaign to call for Secretary-General Guterres to formally investigate slave markets in Libya. With evidence from an official investigation, the UN will be able to take the necessary steps toward securing freedom for these vulnerable migrants and refugees.

In solidarity,

Joanna, Miriam and the whole team at Freedom United

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