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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Zero tolerance for zero tolerance. Jennifer Boysko, Run Everywhere.

Are you as shocked and disgusted as I am by the images of migrant children being ripped from their parents’ arms along our southern border?
The White House and the Justice Department have hidden behind the law, misapplied the Bible and, as always, blamed Democrats to deflect from the inhumanity of their zero-tolerance policy. 
The sad truth is that the President could end this travesty in an instant. But he’d rather use it as leverage to get his idiotic wall funded.
From health care to gun law reform, today’s Republican Party has shown that it is out of step with the wishes of the electorate. 
But forcibly separating kids from their parents is a new low.
Here in Virginia we saw how Republicans changed their tune about Medicaid expansion after progressives made stunning gains in November’s election.

It’s one thing to talk tough on immigration. It’s quite another to commit atrocities.
We are better than this,
Jennifer Boysko
Finance Chair, Virginia Democratic House Caucus
Chair of Run Everywhere

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