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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Yesterday, our President met with Vladimir Putin.

Some of us thought he went to Helsinki to stand up for our nation and defend American interests around the world.

He did not.

Instead, in an act of cowardice, our President stood on the national stage and sided with Putin over America.

As a Navy pilot, I flew missions off the coast of Russia. Putin is not our friend.

Senator John McCain called our President’s remarks “disgraceful.” “He should have defended us,” said Trish Regan of Fox Business. Here in Ohio, a GOP county leader resigned in protest.

And what did Bob Gibbs have to say? What did he do in the face of this disgraceful behavior?


He released no statement. He did not respond to voters who phoned again and again.

Military men and women train for years to handle missions against Russia. We know that a single misstep could result in catastrophe. We take this seriously. Because lives are on the line.

John McCain is right. American ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice are worth defending here at home and around the world. Our President should take the defense of those values seriously.

So should our Congressman.

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