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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Progressive Caucus Endorsed! STEVE SEVIGNY, MD.

Dear David,

I'm incredibly honored to have received the endorsement of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF).
The DPCF has led the Florida Democratic Party forward on a number of fronts, including establishing a bold platform of our values. Healthcare for all, living wages, protecting our environment, equality, justice, retirement security, and so much more...
Stephen Sevigny with DPCF Seal
“Steve walks the walk. That’s rare, even among the best candidates. He doesn't just talk about a living wage; he pays his employees a living wage. He doesn't just talk about healthcare without understanding it; as a practicing physician, Steve is on the front lines of that battle. As voters get to know Steve, we think they’ll agree that he’s the real deal.” -- DPCF VP Michael Calderin
It's incredibly humbling to have organizations that put values first decide to back your campaign. It's fantastic to know there are so many out there who share our values, who are working to put an end to the devastation being wrought on our nation.
With your support, we will win the primary on August 28th and continue fighting forward to build Tomorrow's Democratic Party - a party where our values come before profits.
In solidarity,

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