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Thursday, July 5, 2018


Dear David,

Australia’s Modern Slavery Bill has now been introduced into parliament! We have been waiting for this moment since launching our campaign last October, so how is it looking?

View our campaign for a strong Modern Slavery Act.

We are delighted that the Bill demands transparency from companies to show how they stop the exploitation of vulnerable workers. This is a requirement that goes beyond the UK’s Modern Slavery Act, which doesn’t make any requirements on the detail to be included in the report.

The Australia Bill also covers public procurement. This could make Australia the first country with a nationwide responsibility on governments to consider their impact on modern slavery when spending billions of dollars on public services.

Great progress but more to do!

The government has committed to passing the Bill and making it law by the end of this year! That means we have six months to support efforts to make it a strong law.

We are not finished yet! The Act should make provisions that:

-       Ensure victims of slavery have the support and protection they need
-       Broaden the number of companies caught by the new provisions
-       Provide for the appointment of an Anti-Slavery Commissioner

Our partners at Stop the Traffik Australia and the BeSlaveFree coalition have been able toss our petition to strengthen their hand in the many discussions they have with government ministers, officials and parliamentarians.

If you haven't added your name yet, please add it now!

The petition shows those making the law that the world is watching. We want Australia to make the most of this opportunity to help end modern slavery in a region that has the highest numbers of people in slavery and from where many Australian companies source their products – Asia.

In solidarity,

Joanna, Miriam and the whole team at Freedom United
Our team relies on...supporters like you to continue the work that is so crucial. Please keep Freedom United strong...help change the future.

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