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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What's next- Fire Faso. PAT RYAN.

David -- thank you again for your tremendous support of my campaign over the last year plus. It was an honor and privilege to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you doing the difficult, and critically important, work of protecting & reinvigorating our democracy.

We all know that this country we love only persists because in times of peril, ordinary Americans stand up to protect it. And it's painfully evident we're at a crisis moment: ripping apart immigrant families at our border, putting forth an arch-Conservative SCOTUS nominee who will undercut Roe v. Wade and the ACA, and cozying up to the same Russian dictator who attacked our elections...(and that's just in the last week!). We need all hands on deck. 

Our mission is clear: We must take back the House, fight for the Senate, and win several critical state & local elections here in New York. From now until Election Day in November, I'll be spending 100% of my time dedicated to this mission. And I humbly ask for you to join me. Over the next four months, I'll be reaching out with different ways for you to get & stay engaged in this critical fight.

To start: we absolutely MUST take back our Congressional district here in NY-19. As you know, John Faso has failed across the board to represent us and fight for our interests. From his broken promise on healthcare, to his votes to roll back environmental protections, to his willingness to sell out the safety of our students & teachers for a big check from the NRA - Faso has been a disaster for all of us. And we know that NY-19 is definitively one of the 23 'must-win' seats required to take back the House.

With so much at stake, we must rally behind Antonio Delgado to ensure we win here in NY-19. Please sign up here to join and support Antonio's campaign against Faso. I ask that you give whatever you can - your time, your energy, your financial support, ideally all of the above - to Antonio. Rebecca and I will be doing the same. 

Over the course of the last year, I've had the opportunity to get to know Antonio (and his wife Lacey) well - and have full confidence that he will be an excellent Representative for our community. Antonio's working class roots in the region will help him understand the myriad challenges working families here face, his intelligence and deep understanding of policy will enable him to wisely advocate for us, and his relentless drive and passion will power him to fight tirelessly for all of us. 

As I said to many of you on election night: "Now it's time to unite - we must come together to take back our district, and take back our country." Please join me in uniting behind Antonio Delgado and working together to #FireFaso!!

Look forward to working together and seeing you soon!

Best, Pat

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