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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Add your name: Reject hate, discrimination and white supremacist violence. VIRGINIA ATTORNEY GENERAL MARK HERRING.

Dear David,
My friend, and our incredible U.S. senator, Tim Kaine, has dedicated his life to building a more fair, just and equal Commonwealth, where each of us has an opportunity to fulfill our God-given potential.
He’s running for re-election as our U.S. senator, and he needs our support – and I’m all-in to help him get re-elected in November. But this month, he’s taking time off from asking for donations to ask all of us to stand for something even more important – equality, justice and opportunity for all Virginians, no matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship or who you love.
Tim is looking for 100,000 of us to join him in taking a stand against hate, discrimination and bigotry. Will you stand with Tim and me?
Add your name to stand against bigotry!
In Virginia, we know all too well that dark forces of hate and discrimination are feeling emboldened. The violence last year in Charlottesville was a stark reminder that we still have more work to do, and it starts with taking a clear, unequivocal stand against hate.
As your Attorney General, I’m working every single day to combat white supremacist violence. And as our senator, Tim has been a clear and principled voice for the values that we hold dear.
Let’s all add our voice to the growing chorus that rejects hate, discrimination and white supremacist violence.
Sign the Pledge
Thank you for taking a stand,

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