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Friday, August 10, 2018

Chris Smith can't avoid us forever. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE JOSH WELLE.

Everybody has those weeks once in a while when you just want to avoid your boss and pay attention to what you need to do. You can get away with it for what, a day? Maybe a couple days? Three days, tops.

Congressman Smith has been avoiding his bosses in the 4th district for over two decades.

Smith hasn't held a town hall in this district in 25 years. I keep trying to get him to come to one, but he's not interested.
We're his bosses, and he's avoiding all of us. Probably because he knows that if he steps up in a town hall to face the music, it'll be glaringly obvious he has no idea what families in Central Jersey are going through.

I've got another town hall this week on Monday. Unlike my opponent, I'm looking forward to talking to folks and listening to what they have to say.

If Congressman Smith were in any other line of work, he'd have been fired by now. It's time we hold him accountable for blatant negligence.

Thanks for your help -- and maybe I'll see you at the event.

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