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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Is one debate too much to ask for? CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE KEN HARBAUGH.

You know it’s a bad sign when voters can’t remember how long it’s been since they’ve seen their elected representative.
Way back in April, in a rare public appearance, Bob Gibbs was asked if he would participate in a single debate before the general election.
He brushed the question off as “overblown.” He said, “I’ll decide that later.” Eventually.
Eventually? What could possibly be more important than participating in democracy? What is preventing him from being a representative and doing his job?
Well, we found out what’s been keeping him so ‘busy.’ More than 75% of Gibbs’ campaign is funded by corporate and political PACs. When he’s not voting to cut Medicare and strip health care from Ohio families, he’s doing the bidding of PACs and promoting their interests over ours.
America isn’t an aristocracy and it’s not a monarchy. Our elected officials are accountable to the PEOPLE. That’s why I’m calling on Gibbs to agree to an in-person, public debate with me once and for all.
Demand Bob Gibbs agree to an in-person public debate
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