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Sunday, October 28, 2018



Donald Trump has unleashed white nationalist hatred against black Americans, Latinos, Muslims - and now Jews.

This hatred has led to neo-Nazi marches, internment camps, separating children from their parents, mail bombs - and murder.

Trump and his angry Republican allies refuse to take any responsibility for fanning the flames of hatred - or make any serious effort to stop it.

On Election Day - Tuesday, November 6 - we must elect Democrats at every level to #DefeatHate. 
Here's how:

1. Preview your ballot with comprehensive recommendations from progressive groups, presented by #VOTEPROCHOICE. Use it to vote early if your state allows it.

2. Download the VoteWithMe app (for iPhone and Android) to see which of your friends and family are registered progressives in Early Voting states. Urge them to vote now!
3. Sign up to volunteer! Join us with The Last Weekend campaign, and help us take the values of voting blue to the streets.

4. Build the Blue Wave Voters movement

5. Join the Blue Wave Voters Facebook group and connect with other progressive activists who are helping to build the Blue Wave.

Our Blue Wave is strong - we have an 8% advantage in the pollsbut Trump is firing up his angry supporters, and we know they are going to vote. We can't afford to have a single Democrat on the sidelines. 

The Blue Wave is coming. Thanks for joining us!

Bob Fertik

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