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Friday, October 5, 2018

I believe in Jesse because he believed me. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE JESSE COLVIN.

Dear David,
I first met Jesse in Afghanistan, where we served together. I am a big supporter of Jesse's campaign, but after learning of Andy Harris' reaction to the Judge Kavanaugh hearings, I felt compelled to share my story.
Andy Harris called Dr. Christine Blasey Ford a “troubled woman” with “psychological problems.” I think that statement is damaging to women across the political spectrum. No matter your party affiliation, we should believe and support victims when they come forward.

That’s what Jesse did in my situation.  
About six and a half years ago, on my first deployment to Afghanistan, then-Captain Colvin was my boss. One night I went into our camp chow hall to grab some food to fuel up for the long night ahead. I was alone, but I thought nothing of it—after all it was a small camp and everyone knew each other.  
I felt a strong hand grope me from behind, and I whipped around to catch the face of my assailant. I yelled at him to never touch me again and ran out of there. As one of five women in the camp, I was scared but didn’t want to be accused of causing trouble or damaging the operations of our unit. Still, I knew I had to say something.  
I went to Jesse and told him what happened. He got our chain of command alerted and activated. They investigated the incident. Shortly thereafter, our leadership kicked the assailant off of the camp and out of our unit. 
Jesse never made me feel badly about reporting the incident or unsafe at any point during the process. As a result, I felt like a more empowered member of the team. My performance did not suffer, and it made our group as a whole stronger.

Jesse believed me.

And that’s why I believe that Jesse will be a better representative than Andy Harris in Congress.  

Lauren Zabierek



Running to represent MD-1.

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