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Saturday, October 13, 2018


 October 12, 2018  
Dear David,

Last week left many Americans, including myself, feeling angered and saddened. We witnessed rushed hearings, a very limited FBI investigation, and the unfair treatment of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as the newest Supreme Court Justice on Saturday afternoon, sending a message to women and victims of sexual harassment and assault that their voices don’t matter.

So, I was proud I got the chance to speak at the Lady Project’s Summit after the confirmation. This organization does great work connecting, inspiring, and showcasing amazing things women are doing across Rhode Island.

Throughout 2018, women across our state and country have inspired me with their passion, courage, and determination. With good reason, they are rightfully sick and tired of being marginalized, ignored, and denied the respect they deserve.

I was happy to talk with summit attendees about what I’m working on to ensure that women achieve full equality in our society, including guaranteeing access to full reproductive health care, freedom from violence and discrimination, and efforts to guarantee workplace fairness, including equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, and access to quality, affordable child care.

Under the right leadership, I know we can advance a number of proposals in Congress to empower women. I have sponsored and supported legislation that would protect a woman's access to birth control and family planning services, provide resources to victims of domestic violence, promote sexual harassment training and education, and strengthen health care programs for women.

This past year, the #MeToo movement has been propelled by so many courageous women and helped to shine a light on the serious and pervasive issue of sexual harassment and sexual violence in our society. Hopefully, with continued resolve, this movement will help ensure that we put an end to sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the workplace, at home, and in our society at large.

There is still so much that needs to be done to support women, and I will continue to fight in Congress for full equality because I firmly believe that when women succeed, America succeeds.


Every year Autumnfest in Woonsocket is one of my favorite events. I always look forward to checking out the incredible crafts and sampling the delicious food, which serves as a real reminder of the skill and ingenuity of so many of our state’s residents.

Autumnfest began over 40 years ago as an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the spirit of Woonsocket and Northern Rhode Island, and it is one of the biggest selling points for the city. Between the festival, the parade, and the MegaWar, it is a truly unique event that perfectly captures the close community ties that make Woonsocket such a wonderful place to live and do business.

The future growth of this city depends on our ability to attract great businesses that provide good-paying jobs to local residents. And Autumnfest serves as an amazing attraction which brings in visitors and allows us to celebrate so many of the exciting things happening in the city.

This past weekend I was thrilled to join the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America for their 42nd annual dinner to celebrate Columbus Day and our great Italian-American heritage, to honor accomplished leaders, and to recognize talented young people in our state.

During Saturday’s dinner, it was my privilege to help recognize recipients of scholarships and present them with an honorable mention on behalf of the United States Congress.

Each year, it is my honor to celebrate our Italian heritage and recognize the great contributions that Italian-Americans have made to Rhode Island and to this entire nation. Together, we take pride in a community that has given the world incredible thinkers, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

Italy is a great friend to the United States, and as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Italian-American Congressional Delegation, I am proud to work to strengthen the close ties between the United States and Italy.

On Saturday, I joined members from Clube Social Português to celebrate their 100th anniversary and recognize the important work they’ve done to maintain and promote the Portuguese language, culture, and customs in Rhode Island.

For a century, this organization has been a vital force in the Portuguese-American community across the state. The club’s work helps to ensure the incredible values and traditions of the Portuguese community are passed on to the next generation. It also helps strengthen the ties between the United States and Portugal, a nation which has long been our close friend and ally.

All of us in Rhode Island are better because of our successful and thriving Portuguese-American community, one of the largest in the entire country.

As always, if you or someone you know has any questions or concerns, please call my office at 729-5600 or send me an email at David.Cicilline@mail.house.gov.

You can also click here to follow my work on Twitter.

Warm regards,

David Cicilline
Member of Congress  

Washington D.C. Office
2244 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4911
Fax: (202) 225-3290
Pawtucket Office
1070 Main Street, Suite 300
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Phone: (401) 729-5600
Fax: (401) 729-5608

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