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Sunday, October 28, 2018


In mid-2017, my team reached out to The Canton Repository to see if they could send a single reporter to cover my announcement that I would be running for Congress in the OH-7.
Instead of a big rally or political event, our team launched this campaign by cleaning up a local park. We wanted to set the tone from the very beginning that this job is about serving the people of Ohio.
The Canton Rep sent a reporter -- and they’ve been covering our campaign ever since. Last cycle, they endorsed my opponent. This past week, they decided to endorse our campaign -- and they urged voters to support us, too.
They’re not the only ones. Local papers from all across the district have endorsed us. 
From Day One, I’ve said that the word ‘present’ is in ‘representative.’
But for years, Ohio families have had an absentee member of Congress who has time for everything but meeting with his own constituents. This district was drawn to protect Gibbs and he’s built a campaign machine that has accepted more than $1 million from corporate PACs.
Gibbs thought he was untouchable and would never have to worry about a challenger -- let alone a first-time candidate who completely disavowed any corporate PAC money.
But now we’re picking up a record-number of endorsements, have thousands of volunteers throughout the district, and this race shifted in our favor.

✔ The Plain Dealer
"[Ken] shows laudable passion about protecting pre-existing conditions coverage and he knows that Congress needs more veterans and others with experience in conflict zones...”
✔ The Canton Repository
“Of all the candidates in all the races affecting the Stark County area, we’ve found no candidate who matches Harbaugh’s drive, passion and ability to connect with voters the way Harbaugh does.”
✔ The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram
“We have endorsed U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs many times over the years, but …we are endorsing Gibbs’ Democratic opponent, former naval aviator Ken Harbaugh…His work helping people in their most desperate hours has given Harbaugh an admirable empathy.”

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