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Saturday, October 13, 2018

We still have time left, JENNIFER BOYSKO, Chair of Run Everywhere.

A new sample poll of Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District by the New York Times shows two Navy veterans competing for office in a pretty close race.

Like many women in 2018, Democratic candidate Elaine Luria is making her first foray into politics. Republican incumbent, Scott Taylor, though, is already in hot water. A special prosecutor was appointed to look into allegations that his staff forged signatures to get an Independent candidate on the ballot to siphon votes from Luria.

The Times also found that 10% of voters in District 2 are undecided. Many people are still waiting to be swayed in this state. Luckily, there is time left to push Luria and other Democratic candidates ahead in Virginia. We can turn this state blue, but we need to focus and work hard right now to make it happen.

Let’s keep up the momentum.

We can do this,
Jennifer Boysko
Finance Chair, Virginia Democratic House Caucus
Chair of Run Everywhere

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