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Sunday, October 14, 2018

What Bob Gibbs said is downright disrespectful. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE KEN HARBAUGH.

After avoiding his constituents for months, incumbent Bob Gibbs agreed to sit down with Ken and the Cleveland.com Editorial Board for an interview. 
When Ken described the oath of office he swore upon joining the Navy, Gibbs said that he too risks his life serving in Washington, just like those serving in our military.

That Gibbs would make such a comparison is an insult to those who have worn our nation’s uniform. Congressman Gibbs has voted three times to raise his six-figure salary, has state-of-the-art healthcare at taxpayer expense, gets more than a hundred days off a year, and spends his time rubbing elbows with DC donors and lobbyists.

When Gibbs compared the sacrifices he makes as a Congressman with the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform, it was more than just a sign of disrespect -- it showed just how out of touch he is with working Ohioans.

 In service,
Team Harbaugh.

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