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Monday, October 1, 2018

Your Philosophy Course...Your Way.


Create your own philosophy textbook with Discourses, a philosophy collection available through Create®, McGraw-Hill Education's online custom publishing system. Discourses is our best-selling collection of more than 470 philosophy readings, both classical and contemporary, on fundamental topics covered in philosophy courses. The readings have introductions, explanatory notes, and optional study questions.

Discourses CoverWith Discourses you can:
  • Create your own print book or eBook tailored to
    your course needs.
  • Select any readings you want and arrange them
    as you like.
  • Select one of many ExpressBooks (pre-built books
    for specific courses), which you can modify.
  • Add your own course material, such as lecture
    notes or a syllabus.
  • Submit, review, and order your project with
    the click of a button.
  • Receive a PDF review copy of your project
    within minutes.
  • Receive a complimentary copy of your book
    with no obligation to adopt.
Download a PDF of the complete list of readings arranged by Topic or by Historical PeriodExplore the entire Discourses Collection today!
NEW! Discourses: Ethical Theories 
© 2018 | ISBN: 1260516288
Donald C. Abel - This volume contains readings specifically culled
from the Ethical Theories section in the Discourses Collection.
For a full description and purchasing information click here or email
Customer Service to order a complimentary copy.
Build your customized philosophy print book or eBook today—
tailored to your course needs! Have a question or
need assistance? Contact McGraw-Hill Create® Customer
Service at 800-962-9342 or mhhe.create@mheducation.com.
The American Philosophical Association
University of Delaware
31 Amstel Avenue, Newark, DE 19716

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