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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

FREE eBook. Tate Johnston, Freedom United.

“Traumatic stories are not the focus of this book. If you are socially aware and intelligent, you have already read those passionate cries for help and justice. You know the pain and the suffering that is out there. What you need to know is—what can you do to help?”
– MJC , Amazon reviewer
Dear David,

Have you felt uncertain about what you can do to help people at risk of or affected by modern slavery and human trafficking?

We at Freedom United are thankful for you and are here to support you and your friends wherever you are on your journey from awareness to abolitionism.

That’s why today we’re giving away FREE copies of the Amazon Best Selling eBook Everyday Abolitionist: Discover What You Can Do to Help Stop Modern Slavery / Human Trafficking.
Download your FREE eBook here!
This book might not be for you if you already have an advanced knowledge of modern slavery. In that case, it could be just right for someone you know.

Speaking about my personal experience, when I first became aware of human trafficking, I had a variety of emotional reactions: stunned, sad, outraged, overwhelmed.

And I had so many questions. I wasn’t sure what I could do, and I wasn’t sure what I could do that would actually make a difference.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to take classes and ask questions of experts and people working on various aspects of anti-trafficking from prevention to survivor support.

As I continued on my journey, I thought if I had these questions when I became aware, other people might have them, too. So, I wrote down the wisdom and insights that were shared with me, along with my thoughts and feelings and things I was learning, in the hopes of helping other people move forward in making a bigger and bigger difference helping people live in freedom from modern slavery, with dignity and delight.

And today, to say thanks for being part of the Freedom United community, we’re sharing this resource with you… for FREEdom!

Together for freedom,

Tate and the whole Freedom United team

P.S. Know someone who this book might help? Share this pagewith them. They can get their free copy there, just because you’ve shared it with them.
Tate Johnston
Communications, Freedom United
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